Project Reflections

As part of the project we produced a booklet of reflections on the project from the academic team, as well as project partners and participants.

The booklet contains these reflections:

Sara Heitlinger and Alex Taylor

by Andy Boucher and Bill Gaver

Workshop filth and seeds
by Rachel Clarke

Could urban planners be less human?
by Kate Poland

Whose voice counts in protecting our green spaces?
by Helene Schulze

Changing our relationship with microscopic life
by Hari Byles and Ellie Doney

Out of sight, out of mind
— visualizing the unseen / forgotten / invisible
by Cagatay Turkay

I am a nettle: approaching more-than-human service design
by Viktor Bedö

Waste Lands Within: Unreal City a composted version of TS Eliot
by Alison Powell

Participant sketching a snail next to a microscope in workshop 2
Participant sketching a snail with microscope in workshop 2